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The snow is melting, but we're looking ahead to next year already.    Continue to keep an eye on the News and Announcements block to the left for updates throughout the summer and into the new season.


Dawn of a New SeasonKeep an eye here for updates regarding the 2016-17 winter season. 

The News and Announcements column on the right is the easiest place to see what's up and will usually include links to other pages in the site for more info.

This is our second season using this as a communications portal for our multi-week lesson programs. Each program has its own tab at the top and unique content in the pages below it.

Funatics: We post weekly Funatics videos and photos to make it easy for kids to remember and share the fun times they're having on the hill.

Mountain Xplorers: Parents can track their children's "Playbook Chart" to see how they are progressing. Instructors and the program staff use these playbooks to ensure students are being challenged adequately and are placed in the best possible class for their abilities.

Winter Break Ski Camp: Two 4-day sessions over the Christmas break. Information and updates will be posted here.

Apprentice Instructors: A chance to step on the other side of the teacher/student relationship and learn about what's involved in teaching skiing. This can be a perfect bridge into getting hired as a Junior Instructor in future years. An 8-week program comprised of clinics, ski improvement, and lesson shadows.

Nice Turns Adult Program: those who want improve their skiing over the course of several sessions, these programs connect you with the same instructor each time to maximize your performance. Class groupings, Tip of the Week and instructional videos are posted in this section to keep you motivated and on the right track.

Bookmark your favorite page on this site to make it easy to come back and see all the fun we're having on the hill.

Head over to the website for more lesson information,
email us at lessons or call 208-255-3070.